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Scientists remove ice which had disabled monitoring equipment on Bárðarbunga volcano

By Staff

  • Monitoring Katla volcano One of the many monitoring stations which are used to keep Katla volcano under constant surveillance is located on Grænufjöll mountain, south of Mýrdalsjökull glacier. Photo/Icelandic Coast Guard.

Scientists at the Icelandic Meteorological Office took advantage of the favourable weather conditions last week to visit monitoring stations on Katla and Bárðarbunga volcanoes. Maintenance of monitoring stations has been stepped up as both Katla and Bárðarbunga have experienced growing seismic activity in the past few months, causing concern among scientists who believe raises the likelihood of an eruption in the two monster volcanoes. 

The Icelandic Coast Guard flew the team of scientists between the stations, many of which are located on remote mountain tops or on the top of glacier ice caps.

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Scientists were particularly concerned that a monitoring station on Gráalda mountain on the western edge of Vatnajökull glacier had stopped sending in data. When Scientists arrived at Gráalda they discovered the solar cells of the station had been covered with Ice and snow, causing the station to run out of power. The Ice was scraped off, ensuring that the station would continue to function properly. 

Monitoring station Bárðarbunga, Hamarinn, Gráalda mountain
Bárðarbunga monitoring station Clearing the ice off solar panels on the monitoring station on Gráalda mountain Photo/Coast Gard


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