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Sarcastic weather outlook: Summer canceled. Instead we'll get three extra months of fall

By Staff

  • Rain, rain, and then some more rain This long term weather forecast for Reykjavík doesn't look too good! Fortunately it´s not real. Photo/Ingþór Ingólfsson, Facebook

While the calendar and migratory birds insist summer has already arrived the actual weather outside our window does not agree. We have yet to get one decent summer day with sun and temperature in the double digits in Reykjavík. This has led some locals to worry we are in for one of the notorious rainy summers people remember from their youth.

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A local man, Ingþór Ingólfsson, created the above "long-term weather forecast" for Reykjavík which included only two days of sun. The photo immediately went viral on Icelandic social media. Some people failed to recognize that the image was actually a joke, and assumed it was the official weather forecast from the Icelandi Meteorological Office. According to the local newspaper Morgunblaðið the IMO had to respond to desperate or outraged locals who presumably wanted an explanation or some assurance that the forecast was not set in stone.

Ingþór told Morgunblaðið that the forecast was supposed to be a joke, designed to cheer people up, since the weather had failed to do so. "I don't know if I need to apologize to the IMO, for having forced them to respond to frustrated people."

So far Ingþór has predicted the weather correctly. The skies have been overcast with rain for the past several days. However, the IMO is now telling us to expect dry weather, and even some sun tomorrow, Wednesday and Thursday. Then it's back to pouring rain!


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