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For sale: A beautiful apartment across the capital's downtown lake

By Staff

  • Bright and spacious There are two bedrooms in the flat and an open plan kitchen, dining area and living room.

This bright and beautiful apartment in the dead centre of Reykjavík is currently up for grabs. The apartment is located on the first floor at Tjarnagata street, across the capital’s downtown lake (Tjörnin) and Reykjavík City Hall.

The flat is 99.6 square metres (1,072 square feet) in size, has two bedrooms and an open plan dining area and living room. It was thoroughly renovated in 2007.


The view from the front door

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This is the oldest part of Reykjavík and you will have the capital’s many restaurants, cafés, and shops just around the corner. The area is rich in history.  The majority of Viking age remains that have been discovered in the centre of Reykjavík, are within one km (0.62 mi) radius of the flat.

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If you are interested the flat will set you back 54,7 million ISK (390,700 Euros/437,600 US dollars).


The flat has beautiful hardwood floors.

More information and photos available here.

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