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Ring Road in South Iceland closed due to crashed milk truck: Updated

By Staff

  • The crashed milk truck The blocks both lanes of the ring road east of the town of Selfoss Photo/Magnús Hlynur

A stretch of the ring-road, Road 1, has been closed  in South Iceland due to a rolled-over milk truck. The police closed off a stretch of the road east of the town Selfoss, between the farms Kjartansstaðir and the river Bitra. Traffic is being re-routed to roads 302 and 305. 

Milk truck crash

Milk truck crash The driver was stuck inside the vehicle but has now been freed. Photo/Magnús Hlynur

Both lanes of the road is completely blocked by the truck. Police and first responders are bringing heavy equipment to the site to move the truck. According to the Icelandic National Broadcasting Service the driver was stuck inside the truck and had to be freed with the help of the fire department. He was rushed to the hospital by ambulance, but he is not believed to be critically injured. 

Police expects that the road will remain closed for some time.

UPDATE 13:30: The road has now been opened to traffic 

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