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Ring Road in S.E. Iceland re-opened today at noon: Repairs completed ahead of schedule

By Staff

  • Steinavötn bridge Steinavötn is one of the many glacial rivers in S.E. Iceland, carrying meltwater from Vatnajökull glacier. Photo/Hreggviður Símonarson, Coast Guard

A new temporary bridge over Steinavötn river in South East Iceland will be opened to traffic at noon today, Wednesday October 4. Road crews and engineers with the Icelandic Road and Coastal Authority have been working on a temporary bridge over the river since last week's floods undermined the foundations of the previous bridge, causing the Ring Road to be closed at Steinavötn river in South East Iceland. 

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The new bridge was competed ahead of schedule. Originally the IRCA had said the Ring Road would remain closed until Sunday. The road was closed on Wednesday last week, after flash floods in glacial rivers in South East Iceland washed away sections of the road and threatened bridges. 

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All available workers in S.E. Icleand
All available IRCA construction crews, including both bridge construction units, were dispatched to Steinavötn to complete the new bridge in the shortest time possible. The IRCA has also been working on repairing the road in Berufjörður fjord in East Iceland. 

The Ring Road in Berufjörður was badly damaged in last week's storm. Flash flooding washed away a section of the gravel road, reducing the road to one lane. Due to road work travellers can expect delays of 15-30 minutes while travelling the fjord. 


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