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Ring Road in S. Iceland has been opened after dramatic high-speed car chase

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  • Rescuing the suspect The bridge has been re-opened, but the vehicle is still stuck in the river. Photo/MHH

The bridge over Ölfusá river in the town of Selfoss in South Iceland has been re-opened after police and ICE-SAR rescue workers rescued the driver of a car stuck in the river.

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The vehicle ended in the river after a high-speed car chase which began in Reykjavík. Nobody was injured in the chase which included members from both the Metropolitan Police and the Police Special Forces on seven police vehicles, two motorcycles and two ambulances.

No injuries, no accidents
According to the local news site Vísir the chase came to an abrupt end at the bridge over Ölfusá river shortly after 10:30. Police in South Iceland tried to stop the man near the town of Hveragerði with a spike roadblock, but the man was able to drive around the roadblock. The police in Selfoss, then barricaded the approach to the bridge to stop the driver which was being chased by police from Reykjavík. 

A spokesman for the Metropolitan Police told Vísir that the man drove at up to 140 km/h (87 mph) in heavy traffic along the Ring Road. The chase posed significant danger to other drivers. Fortunately no accidents took place.

Drove into river at full speed
Instead of stopping at the barricade the driver again attempted to evade the roadblock by driving along the shoulder of the road. At the roadblock the driver took a sharp left, driving along the road at full speed. His trip only ended when he cascaded at full speed straight into the river. 

The driver suffered only minor injuries, and was able to get out of the car by himself, climbing onto its roof. Rescue workers lowered a safety line to the man, and shortly thereafter the man was rescued by boat. 

A video of the rescue operation can be seen below:

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