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Ring Road to North Iceland might be re-opened later today

By Staff

  • Locations mentioned in the story 1: Holtavörðuheiði, 2: Öxnadalsheiði, 3: Mývatns og Möðrudalsöræfi, 4: Lyngdalsheiði. Photo/

While the storm which has been pummeling North, East and South East Iceland is not expected to improve until tomorrow morning, Saturday November 25, some roads which were closed due to the weather are expected to be opened later today. The Ring Road across Holtavörðuheiði heath, which separates West and North Iceland, will probably be opened this afternoon. 

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The Icelandic Road and Coastal Authority has announced that it expects to open the Ring Road across Holtavörðuheiði heath later today. the road from Reykjavík to Þingvellir National Park, across Mosfellsheiði heath, has bee re-opened, although the road from Þingvellir across Lyngdalsheiði heat to Laugarvatn and Geysir geothermal area and Gullfoss waterfall remains closed. 

The Ring Road across Öxnadalsheiði heath between Skagafjörður fjord and Eyjafjörður fjord will probably remain closed until tomorrow. The Ring Road between East and North Iceland, across Mývatns- og Möðrudalsöræfi highland plateau will also remain closed at least until tomorrow. 

Travellers are asked to study the weather forecast as well as updated weather alerts and road conditions carefully before embarking on any trips today.

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