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Ring Road in North East Iceland closed due to storm

By Staff

  • Impassable The ring road between North and East Iceland has been closed due to the severe weather conditions. Photo/Magnús Hlynur Hreiðarsson.

The Ring Road connecting East and North Iceland has been closed due to severe weather conditions. The Icelandic Road and Coastal Authority made the decision after several travellers requested emergency assistance while driving across Mývatns- og Möðrudalsöræfi regions, where the Ring Road crosses the highlands in the North East.

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Earlier today the Icelandic Meteorological Office had issued a storm warning for East Iceland and ICE-SAR had issued a travel advisory for the South-East and East, warning travellers not to drive the Ring Road from Skaftafell national park in the south to Egilsstaður town in the east. The current road closing by the IRCA means that the entire eastern part of Iceland, from Mývatn lake in the north to Skaftafell national park in the south is either closed or unsafe for travel.

Travellers are warned that individual wind gusts in the Eastfjords can easily reach hurricane force, or as much as 40-50 m/s (89-112 mph). The weather is expected to peak later tonight. 

Road Conditions, NE, 4.4.17

Ring Road closed Road Conditions in NE Iceland 4.4.17, Photo/IRCA


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