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Reykjavík temperature record: First week of December warmer than any in at least 145 years

By Staff

  • No winter in sight The calendar says one thing, the weather outside another. Photo/Anton

The first week of December was the warmest on record, according to Trausti Jónsson, meteorologist at the Icelandic Meteorological Office. Trausti told the local newspaper Morgunblaðið that the temperature during the first week of December in the Capital Region was higher than at any time since continuous scientific measurements began in 1871. The temperature in Reykjavík was 8 degrees above the historical average. 

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Trausti Jónsson, meteorologist

Trausti Jónsson Iceland's most trusted meteorologist and an active weather-blogger Photo/GVA

Trausti told Morgunblaðið that the high temperatures in Reykjavík and Iceland was part of the global trend, but adds that the weather tends to be more extreme than the global average, with very large and rapid temperature shifts: "The swings here in Iceland tend to be double what you see elsewhere. Which means that we can see one extreme shift after the other, we fluctuate wildly around the global trend." We can therefore expect to get very cold years and cold swings in Iceland, despite a global warming trend. Trausti argues.

The primary reason for the unusually warm temperatures has been the prevalence of southerly winds and the fact that the winds from the north have been unusually warm.

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