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Reykjavík recognized as one of the "Most Excellent Cities in the World" by TripAdvisor

By Staff

  • Beautiful Even with a storm brewing overhead, Reykjavík is a beautiful city. Photo/Vilhelm

The travel website TripAdvosor has named Reykjavík as the second best city in the world to visit, after Key West in Florida, USA. The website explains that this northernmost capital in the world is "filled with day excursions", promising that the Northern Lights will brighten up your experience. 

The ranking is based on the number of TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence recipients in each city. Which makes the inclusion of Reykjavík on the list all the more remarkable, as Reykjavík is a tiny city of less than 200,000 people.

This ranking is based on the places that have the most TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence recipients¹ – in fact you may have already seen some of these stickers in the windows of businesses you visit. To get one, restaurants, experiences and hotels need to deliver great service and consistently achieve high reviews on TripAdvisor from travellers like you.

The other top five cities are Edinburgh in Scotland, Marrakesh in Morocco and Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

We at Iceland Magazine would like to point out to travelers that the Northern Lights are only visible in fall through spring, when the night sky gets dark. In summer, however, the Midnight Sun does its best to brighten people's experience!So without further ado, here they are – the “most excellent” cities in the world.


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