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Reykjavík Jazz Festival for a quarter of a century

By Staff

  • ADHD A four-piece band that consists of old friends and colleagues. They have been working together in various projects and bands for over a decade.  Their live shows are organic events and should not be missed. Photo/Guðmundur Eyjólfsson

There are only seven days until the 25th annual Reykjavík Jazz Festival kicks off with a bang on August 14th,  when fans and artists performing at the festival join forces and march to Harpa concert hall.

The starting point is the legendary local music store Lucky Records (Rauðarárstígur 10, 101 Reykjavík), with trombonist and MC Samúel M. Samúelsson leading the flock to Harpa, where the opening ceremony will start at 19 (7 pm). Later that night, the Chris Speed Trio will entertain.

The aim of the festival is to showcase the best in local and international jazz from a variety of genres, including electronica and world music. The venues include everything from personal home studios to the grand Harpa concert hall.

In order to treat yourself, consult the homepage for more information regarding the programme and concert times at:

From Thursday August 14  to Wednesday August 20

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