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Reykjavík drinking water NOT contaminated

By Staff

  • Heiðmörk Reykjavík as seen from the water-protection area in Heiðmörk. Photo/Vísir

Tests of the municipal water supply confirm that the drinking water in Reykjavík is perfectly safe for human consumption. Initial tests had revealed that the quantity of soil based bacteria in the water had increased significantly in recent days. As a precaution the Reykjavík Health Authority urged people with weak or weakened immune systems to boil water before use. Further studies revealed that the level of bacteria in the water supply was well within safety limits.

The Public Healt Authorities stress that the water supply is perfectly safe and the level of any contaminants is well within safety limites.

The metropolitan area receives its drinking water from wells on the eastern outskirts of town. No agriculture or other human activity is permitted within the large water-protection area.The authorities believe that the bacteria entered the water supply during heavy rain in recent days. Surface water, from the rain and thawed snow, couldn't drain away as the ground is still frozen. Some of this water appears to have flooded some of the wells, bringing with them soil and soil based bacteria.

The local news site Vísir reports that the two largest soft-drink manufacturers, Ölgerð Egils Skallagrímssonar and Vífilfell, which bottles Coca Cola among other drinks, suspended bottling and witheld or recalled all beverages bottled since Friday. The National Broadcasting Service reports that both companies have resumed bottling as the water is perfectly safe.

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