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Reykjavík city will preserve the Viking Age longhouse discovered this summer

By Staff

  • Archaeologists at work The Viking Longhouse which was discovered in Lækjargata is the largest ever found in Iceland. Photo/The Settlement Exhibition.

The Reykjavík City Environmental and Planning Commission has requested the City Council form a advisory committee to determine how the archaeological remains discovered by the old harbour and by Lækjargata street can be preserved.

Earlier this summer archaeologists by the old harbour discovered that the old quay had been preserved completely intact under a parking lot, while a separate team, working in a parking lot by Lækjargata street found the ruins of the largest Viking age longhouse ever discovered in Iceland.

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Both discoveries came as a complete surprise. While it was known parts of the old harbour quay might be preserved in the ground nobody had expected the quay had been preserved completely intact.

The City Environmental and Planning Commission wants the remains preserved in some manner, and to ensure that they can be viewed by the general public. The commission stresses that time is of the essence and that proposals must be drawn up as soon as possible. Construction was scheduled to begin at both sites this fall.

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