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Reykjavík becomes first city where people can order food delivered by aerial drone

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  • The first delivery being prepped The first food delivery inside city limits in the world: Sush from local sushi chain Tokyo Sushi, and a bar of hand-crafted Icelandic Omnom chocolate. Photo/Screenshot from video, see below.

Earlier this week a local food delivery company AHA launched a new revolutionary service: Food deliveries by drone, making Reykjavík the first city in the world where people can order food delivered by aerial drones. The drone deliveries will cut down on fuel use, shorten delivery times and increase efficiency. The company hopes that soon all Reykjavík residents will be able to get deliveries sent to their front door by drone.

The deliveries are an experimental project involving the drone manufacturer Flytrex. 

First city in world to permit aerial deliveries

Reykjavík is the first city in the world where consumers can order deliveries by drone. has made deliveries by drone in rural areas in the UK, but the company has yet to launch its service in urban areas. The Icelandic transport authority granted AHA permission to launch the service earlier this summer. 

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Maron Kristofersson, Helgi Már Þórðarson, owners of AHA

The founders and owners of AHA Maron Kristofersson, Helgi Már Þórðarson posing with one of their delivery vehicles and the drone. Photo/Jóhann K Jóhansson

AHA will use two drones to make the deliveries. The drones will fly from the company headquarters, located in the industrial area around Sundahöfn harbour, to a public park and recreational area in the suburb of Grafarvogur where customers can pick up the delivery. The two stops are separated by ocean, the Elliðárvogur bay. The flight time between the two stops is just two minutes.

Customers in the suburbs east of Elliðárvogur bay can pick up their deliveries in the Grafarvogur park, or AHA delivery drivers can pick up packages in the park to drive them to customers' doors. The company intends to add more destinations after testing the service on this limited route. 

Several thousand flights necessary for testing the technology

A employee of AHA will be stationed in the park to receive the drones and assist customers. "Our goal is to introduce this new technology to people while giving people the opportunity to pick up their orders in the park. It's crucial that people get accustomed to the technology before we expand further," one of the founders of AHA told the local news site Vísir.

"We also want to experiment with the technology ourselves. It's critical that we have made several thousand aerial deliveries before we start flying closer to people's homes. That way we, and everyone else, will be more at ease with the technology. Any further expansion is of course contingent upon us receiving all the necessary permits. But we need to start somewhere."

See a video of the first delivery being sent off:

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