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Reykjanes Peninsula Guide May 9-16

By Staff

  • The viking ship Íslendingur (the Icelander) is the center of the show at Víkingaheimar museum. Photo/Vilhelm Gunnarsson

This is the Reykjanes Peninsula chapter of What to Do and See this Week Around Iceland, the only Icelandic guide of its kind. New every week.

Museums dedicated to Rock 'N' Roll and Vikings
“Visit Rokksafn Íslands, the Icelandic museum of Rock 'N' Roll dedicated to local rock legend Rúnar Júlíusson. It’s located on Skólavegur 12 in Keflavík.  I’d also check out Víkingaheimar, a museum dedicated to Vikings and their ships. Both museum are in Reykjanes town.”
On display at Víkingaheimar (Viking World) is the viking ship Íslendingur (the Icelander) which was sailed to New York in the year 2000 as a part of the millennial celebration of Leifur Eiríksson's journey to the New World.
Recommended by Tómas Young, manager of All Tomorrow’s Parties Iceland music festival

A bridge between two continents
The Bridge Between Two Continents is a footbridge located at Sandvík that was built as a symbol for the connection between Europe and North America. The junction in the earth’s crust between the European and American tectonic plates is clearly visible from the bridge, which crosses a major fissure.

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