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Resident in Bakkafjörður, Northeast Iceland, wakes to find a herd of reindeer in his garden

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  • Carefree A resident in Bakkafjörður, northeast Iceland, woke to find a herd of reindeer grazing in his garden. Photo/Vísir/Gunnlaugur Steinarsson

Gunnlaugur Steinarsson, a resident of Bakkafjörður, a small village in northeast Iceland, woke yesterday morning to find a herd of reindeer grazing in his back garden. According to news website Vísir, the herd was composed of around 50 animals, including a few calves.

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“The first thing I saw when I woke up was a reindeer standing by my window,” Gunnlaugur explained.

Reindeer are a common sight in the town, according to Gunnlaugur, and often graze on the town’s football field and camping ground but are rarely found guilty of entering private property as in this case. 

Hreindýr, reindeer, Bakkafjörður

The herd was composed of adult animals and calves. Photo/Vísir/Gunnlaugur Steinarsson


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