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Rescue units attempt to recover wreckage of bomber plane which crashed on glacier over sixty years ago

By Staff

  • Icelandic rescue unit at work. During the weekend, a team of over dozen rescue workers tried to salvage the werckage of a British bomber plane which crashed in 1941. Photo/Vilhelm Gunnarsson

A rescue unit attempted to recover what is left of the wreckage of a British bomber plane that crashed on Varskárdalsjökull glacier in 1941. According to the National Broadcasting Service, weather conditions on the glacier were favourable last weekend, making the expedition possible.

The Fairy-Battle bomber crashed on the glacier, located between Eyjafjörður fjord and Öxnadalur valley in north Iceland, killing all four men on board.
Hörður Geirsson from Akureyri began searching for the plane’s fuselage in 1980 but didn’t find the wreckage until two decades later. The crewmembers’ bodies were recovered in 2001 and brought to Akureyri, north Iceland.

The rescue unit did not manage to recover all of the wreckage last weekend, meaning another expedition must be organized in the near future. 

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