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Rental car takes a dip in boiling blue lagoon after American couple forgets to put it in park

By Staff

  • Not how you want to find your car! Fortunately the boiling hot lagoon is very shallow where the car rolled in. Photo/Óskar Þór Halldórsson.

An elderly American couple narrowly escaped disaster earlier today when their rental car rolled into a boiling blue pool by lake Mývatn in North Iceland. Nobody was hurt, as the car was empty when it rolled into the boiling lagoon. 

Bjarnarflag car accident
Towing the car out Nobody was hurt, and the car is undamaged. Photo/Óskar Þór Halldórsson

Karl Viðar Pálsson, a tow truck operator who pulled the car out of the lagoon told the local news site Vísir that the couple had apparently parked their car by the pool before exiting it to enjoy the view. The driver seems to have forgotten to put the car in park, allowing it to roll down a gentle slope into the pool by Bjarnarflag power plant. The water is far too hot to allow people to wade in or bathe in the scalding hot water. 

Karl told Vísir that fortunately the lagoon is very shallow where the car rolled in. Very little water made it into the car and no water found its way into the engine. After the car had been dried up the couple could therefore continue on its way along the Ring Road.

With nobody hurd, and an undamaged car, the couple came away from their stop at Bjarnarflag with one more fascinating adventure!

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