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Redditors come to the rescue of the Icelandic National Cricket Team

By Staff

  • The Puffins The Kópavogur Puffins are one of two teams playing cricket in Iceland. 

Members of the online community Reddit have come together to raise 3,000 pounds (4,000 USD/3,400 EUR) to ensure that the Icelandic National Cricket team can get to Britain to play a game against the Swiss national team. Moreover, the cricket community on Reddit has now become the official sponsor of all Icelandic cricket. This makes the Icelandic national team the only crowdfunded national team in the sport.

A leage with just two teams: Puffins and Vikings
Cricket is a very new sport in Iceland. It was only very recently introduced to the country, primarily by foreign expats who wanted to come together to play. The National Cricket Board, which counts just two teams as members, the Reykjavík Vikings and the Kópavogur Puffins, was founded in 2008. The first domestic competition "Volcanic Ashes" was held in 2015, with the two teams competing for victory. The best players of the Puffins and the Vikings then play together on the National Cricket team.

Kit or Kjartan Harris who sits on the board of the Icelandic Cricket Board launched a fundraising campaign on the fundraising site . He was then contacted by one of the cricket community on Reddit who wanted the sponsor the Icelandic national team. In no time the 70,000 member strong subreddid r/Cricket raised enough money to get the team to England and become the official sponsor of the Icelandic national team.

The next step is obviously for the Icelandic cricket team to follow in the footsteps of the Icelandic national soccer team at the 2016 EURO and defeat the English

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