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Recently rediscovered Eastfjords cave part of mythical tunnel system, accessible only to cats, dogs

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  • Geologist Martin Gasser in Skriðnahellir cave The adventurers who re-discovered the cave returned twith experts to inspect and measure the cave. The entrance to the mythical cat-accessible tunnel system remains hidden. Photo/Screenshot from video, see below.

Last week two local adventurers managed to dig their way into Skriðnahellir cave in the foothills of a mountain of Borgarfjörður fjord in the Eastfjords, East Iceland. The entrance to the cave had been lost beneath a large mud and rock slide which closed the cave off to visitors more than 20 years ago. On Saturday the two explorers returned with a team of experts to study the cave, perform measurements and inspect the tunnel into the cave, the Icelandic National Broadcasting Service RÚV reports.

Mythical cat tunnel remains lost
According to the measurements performed by Martin Gasser, a geologist with the Breiðdalur Volcano Centre in Breiðdalsvík and cave expert Bergvin Snær Andrésson measured the cave is one of the largest caves in East Iceland. The cave itself is 80 square meters (860 sq ft), while the tunnel leading into the cave is 15 meters (161 ft). Bergvin also discovered that the tunnel cleared by the two adventurers was a different tunnel than the one which was closed by the mudslide 20 years ago.

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Various myths are connected to the caves in East Iceland. According to popular myth Skriðnahellir was part of a cave system stretching across the region, connected by secret tunnels. However, these tunnels were only accessible to cats and dogs, which could explain how these animals could travel great distances, across mountains and rivers. Close to where Skriðnahellir is located is a second cave, which was inhabited by a mythical monster Naddi, a half-man, half-beast, who preyed on unsuspecting travellers.

Exploring the cave The cave experts and adventurers measuring the cave and inspecting the tunnels. At 9:12 the group breaks out the champagne and harmonica to celebrate. 


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