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RavenTV: Webcam lets you to follow a raven's nest on top of a local building supply store

By Staff

  • Raven TV The latest Icelandic SlowTV-star is a nesting raven in the South Iceland town of Selfoss. Photo/Screenshot from webcast, see below.

Every year for the past four years a pair of ravens has nested beneath the roof of a building supply store in the town of Selfoss in South Iceland. The ravens have been a source of joy and companionship for the staff of the store, calling out to the staff when it shows up for work and leaves for home and greeting customers when they visit the store. 

This year, however, the rest of the world can get to know the friendly ravens: The store management decided to install a webcam to keep an eye on the rooftop tenants, streaming their simple life online to the rest of the world.

The nest, which is constructed from local materials, including pieces of plastic packaging and bands the ravens have collected on the store grounds, contains four eggs which the pair is hatching. The store's shift manager at the store, Torfi Sverrisson, told the Icelandic National Broadcasting Service RÚV that the ravens have become good friends with the staff. "He calls to us when we show up to work in the morning and leave for home in the afternoon. He obviously keeps a close eye on us."

You can watch the webast of the Selfoss ravens here.

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