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Rain and dropping temperature: Challenging driving conditions around Iceland

By Staff

  • At 20 (8pm) Wednesday The weather will be calm with partly clear skies in most areas, but expect very slippery roads. Image by The Icelandic Met Office

Driving conditions around Iceland will be challenging in the evening. It will be raining in many parts of the country today and as the temperature is expected to drop below, or close to, zero degrees Celsius (32 F) roads will become icy and very slippery.

We strongly recommend not leaving the capital area and other urban areas except making sure that your car is equipped with winter tires.

According to The Icelandic Met Office (IMO) we can expect showers of rain or sleet on Southwest Iceland but it should be mostly fair in the north and east parts

You can follow road conditions around Iceland live via The Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration's (IRCA) web cams.

Most highland roads have been closed. IRCA provides daily update on current condition of mountain roads and other roads around Iceland. Please keep in mind that the roads, which are still open, are only meant for large vehicles equipped with 4x4 drive.

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