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The Purrrfect café for cat lovers

By Maggie Pavlatova

  • Mjá In case you were wondering, that's how Icelandic cats say 'meow'. Photo/Maggie

  • Nebba A 10 year old female resting after play time. Photo/Maggie

  • Fabio A 10 year old male lurking in his basket, inspecting guests. Photo/Maggie 

If you love cats and are looking for a favorite Reykjavík café look no further: Kattakaffihúsið is the café for you! Reykjavík's first (and so far only) cat café is a wonderful, friendly little café in downtown, located on Bergstaðastræti street, just one block from busy Skólavörðustígur street it's the ideal place to sit down for a cup of coffee and rest.

A long-time dream
The owners, two young local women Gígja and Ragnheiður, had been thinking about the idea of bringing a cat café to Reykjavík for a long time when they made the move. They had been developing the idea for over two years.

Gígja and Ragnheiður bring in cats in which have lost their home and need a new family. The cats are all domesticated and well behaved adult cats. Customers can get to know the cats and hopefully spark a life-long human-cat friendship and a new home for the cats. Since opening on March 1, Gígja and Ragnheiður have already helped two cats find a new loving home. They take the process of finding the right person for the cats very seriously.

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Rósalind and Lilli, two of the first residents of the café have found homes, while the third of the original three residents, 10 year old handsome male called Fabio is in no hurry to move out.

Recently Fabio was joined by a playful 10 year female called Nebba. Nebbi is Icelandic for a child's nose, used as a word of endearment. True to her name, Nebba is an inquisitive and curious cat. Fabio is somewhat more reserved, preferring to inspect customers from afar! 

Perfect place to meet locals (cats and humans alike!)
While you enjoy a drink and maybe a piece of cake, you can expect both Fabio and Nebba to come up to you for attention, climbing over the chairs and tables to get what they want. These friendly cats will also enjoy playing with the various toys that are available to use in the cafe, though they are calm and chilled a lot of the time.

Within the actual cafe itself you can expect a mix of both tourists that have planned to attend as well as locals which have built a bond with the cafe and the cats. Those who visit the cafe are cat lovers, and a lot of tourists visit the cafe a few times while their stay in Reykjavik. Among the customers are some home-sick cat lovers who miss their own pets at home and need their fix of cat companionship!

The café is open every day 10:00 until 18:00 (6pm) in the afternoon. It's located on Bergastaðastræti 10a, in the Þingholtin neighborhood, the heart of 101 Reykjavík. It's just a few minute walk from either the city center or Hallgrímskirkja church.

At night, after the café closes the blinds get pulled down to give the cats their privacy over night, as it is their home after all. It's definitely a place to visit for a warm drink with a small friend while your stay in Reykjavik.

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