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Puffin populations in north and east Iceland recovering

By Staff

  • Back on track? The puffin population in east and north Iceland is recovering. The population in the Vestmannaeyjar islands is not. Photo/Vilhelm Gunnarsson 

The puffin population in north and east Iceland is recovering, reports the National Broadcasting Service. However, biologist Erpur Snær Hansen claims the population in the Vestmannaeyjar islands, south Iceland, is still in free fall.

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“We began monitoring puffin colonies around Iceland in 2010, and although latest numbers give a reason for optimism, it is still early days,” he said. Adding: “I believe the unseasonably cold weather we experienced this spring might have had a positive effect on food.”

Lack of food due to warmer climates and ocean changes are thought to be to blame for Iceland’s seabird population‘s decline.

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