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Puffin arrived in Iceland two weeks later than normal

  • Puffin in Iceland. Photo/Stefán Karlsson

For 62 years, puffin has arrived in the Westman Islands off the South Coast of Iceland in mid-April. This year, the first puffin was seen May 2nd.

Puffin monitoring began in 1952, or 62 years ago and this is the first year since then that the puffin arrives this late in the year. A PhD in biology, Erpur Snær Hansen, told that the birds’ tardiness was a worrying matter as it suggests that something is wrong; either at its resting place over the winter months or because of lack of fish near the Westman Islands.
The puffin will be monitored this summer using cameras that can identify each bird and keep count. Same cameras have been used for penguins at the South Pole. 

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