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Proud supporters join players in a goosebump inducing "Viking war cry" during homecoming party

  • Big crowd Thousands of Icelanders gathered at Arnarhóll to greet the Icelandic national football team as it returned home from France. 

The Icelandic national football team returned home from France yesterday, Tuesday, and received a hero’s welcome their fellow countrymen. 

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Crowds of people lined the streets of downtown Reykjavik, as the team passed by on a double decker bus before being met by thousands of cheering fans at Arnarhóll, the spot where people had previously gathered to watch the matches against England and France during the Euro 2016.

In a wonderful display of appreciation, players and supporters joined in a goosebump inducing “Viking war cry” that could be heard all over town.

 “This is amazing. We’re just enjoying the moment,” team captain Aron Einar Gunnarsson said about the reception during an interview with the National Broadcasting Service. 

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