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President of Iceland: Thai schoolboys should be invited to escort teams at final game at World Cup

By Staff

  • The President of Iceland in the Goal Guðni Th. is a huge football fan. Here he is playing the game with a group of Faeroese children during an official visit to the islands in 2017. Photo/Office of the President.

The President of Iceland, Gudni Th. Jóhannesson, has proposed that the boy's football team that has been stuck in a cave in Thailand for nine days should be asked to lead the teams onto the pitch for the final game of the tournament on Sunday July 15. Guðni made the proposal on his official Facebook page yesterday afternoon after news broke that the boys had been found safe and sound and that the process of escorting them out of the cave was already underway.

Guðni expressed his joy and relief to hear the good news, saying that he hopes the rescue will go well: "Wouldn't it be wonderful if the people in charge would task the boys with leading the teams onto the pitch at the final game of the World Cup in Russia?"

Guðni then adds that the safety of the boys is the big story: "Football is a wonderful sport, but there are many other things more important in life, most importantly life itself."

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We at Iceland Magazine couldn't agree more, on both accounts! We also hope that the people in charge of FIFA and the World Cup in Russia will act on this brilliant idea..

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