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Poll: Icelanders overwhelmingly trust their president, Coast Guard, Police and the University

By Staff

  • Coast Guard The Coast Guard ensures the safety of seafarers. Photo/Coast Guard

Icelanders have great faith in the office of the President, but distrust the financial system, the banks and the Church of Iceland, a new Gallup poll finds. The poll also finds that the national parliament, Alþingi, and the Reykjavík City Council have both gained trust since last year. 

With no military, Coast Guard is most trusted institution

Guðni Th. Jóhannesson, Steps of MR Gay Pride 2016
President of Iceland Guðni Th. Jóhannesson has good reason to smile: He is trusted by the overwhelming majority of Icelanders. Photo/GVA

The most trusted institutions in Iceland are the Coast Guard, which is trusted by 91% of people. This is not particularly surprising, as public opinion polls from other countries have usually found that the military enjoys high levels of approval and support. With no military, the Coast Guard is the closest to an Army in Iceland. Law enforcement also enjoys high levels of trust, with 77% saying they trust the Police. The high level of trust in the Police is all the more striking when it's compared to the low level of confidence Icelanders appear to have in the courts: 36% say they have great trust in the courts, a drop of 7% since last year. 

Other institutions which enjoy high levels of trust from the population include the Presidency, the University of Iceland and the Health Care System. 80% of people say they have great trust in the Presidency, 74% have great trust in the University of Iceland and 65% say they have great trust in the National Health Care System.

Financial industry is distrusted
At the bottom of the scale is the financial system. The banking system is only trusted by 20%, the National Financial Regulator is trusted by 28% and the Central Bank enjoys the trust of 34%. However, all three gain trust since 2017.

The national legislature and the Reykjavík City Council have also gained trust since last year. 29% say they have great trust in parliament, 7% more than last year, and 24% say they have great trust in City Council, an increase of 5% since last year. 

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