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Polish, Spanish and American travellers most pleased with their visit to Iceland

By Staff

  • Visiting in Winter The Tourist Index shows that visitors in January were more likely to be pleased with their experience than those visiting in December. Photo/Stefán Karlsson

Foreign travellers who visited Iceland in January seem to have been slightly happier with their experience than those who visited in December. The Tourist Index, an index which measures how pleased visitors are with their stay in Iceland was 80.6 (out of 100) in December, but 83.5 in January. Polish, Spanish, American and Australian visitors were most pleased with their stay.

The index, which is compiled by Gallup Iceland was launched in February 2016.was between 85 and 87 points for most of 2016. It dipped slightly in the fall, remaining 83-85 in August-November. The lowest point was recorded in December when the index fell to 80.6 points. Commentators chalked the dip in December up to frustration over high prices and disappointment over the lack of snow. 

Dutch travellers least likely to be pleased
The index shows that travellers from different countries had a somewhat different experience in Iceland. Polish travellers were most pleased, (89.8 points out of 100), followed by Spanish travellers (86.3), Americans (85.9), Australians (84.6) and Danes (84.5). 

Those who were least happy about their stay were Chinese (80.6), German (80.1), Canadian (79.7), Swedish (79.3) and Dutch travellers, who gave their stay on average only 79.1 out of 100. 


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