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Police in W. Iceland stop foreign travellers from harassing a herd of horses with an aerial drone

By Staff

  • Icelandic horses Please treat these photogenic, gentle creatures with respect. Admire them and take photos, but don't scare them! Photo/Vilhelm.

Police officers in West Iceland who were on their way to Snæfellsnes peninsula stopped a group of foreign travellers who were harassing a herd of horses in a pasture by the road.

Chased a running herd with drone
The travellers were using an aerial drone to photograph the horses, but when the officers arrived at the scene the herd was running scared away from the drone, which was hot on their pursuit. According to a statement from the Police in West Iceland the officers felt compelled to stop, even if it slowed down their response time to the call from Snæfellsnes. The officers talked to the people, "explaining to them that their behavior was not ok."

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The travellers made excuses, saying they had not realized that what they were doing was banned, and promised to treat the horses with more respect.

Photographing horses is not banned, but scaring them is just plain wrong
It should go without saying that animals should be treated with respect, and that one should never intentionally scare gentle creatures like horses. 


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