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Police stops traveller who failed to pay for filling up rental car at gas station

By Staff

  • Police On an island, with a single highway which circles the island, there is no way to outrun the long arm of the law. Photo/Vísir

Officers with the Police in Suðurnes district stopped a young woman in her 20s who had tried to steal gasoline at a service station. After talking to the woman the officers took her back to the gas station where she promptly paid for the gasoline.

According to the Police in Suðurnes district, which covers Reykjanes peninsula and Keflavík Airport, the woman had stopped at a gas station in Njarðvík to fill up her rental car. Njarðvík is a small village, part of Reykjanesbær municipality which is composed of the cluster of towns and villages next to Keflavík airport. The road between the airport and Reykjavík runs west and south of Reykjanesbær.

Instead of paying for the gas the woman sat back in her car and sped off after filling up. When police officers stopped the car shortly thereafter the woman was unable to provide proof that she had paid for the gasoline. Rather than arresting the woman the officers offered her the opportunity to pay for the gas she had taken.

The officers drove her back to Njarðvík, where she paid her bills and was then free to continue travels.

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