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Police stops foreign travellers driving "under the influence of the Aurora"

By Staff

  • Great view But you still need to keep your eyes on the road! Photo/Vilhelm

Police in South West Iceland stopped two foreign drivers last week who were driving erratically due to the Northern Lights. Both incidents took place on the highway leading to Keflavík International Airport.

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The local news site Víkurfréttir reports that in one incidence police noticed a car driving to the airport which swerved erratically between lanes. Officers suspected the driver was intoxicated and stopped the car. The driver, who turned out to be completely sober, offered the explanation that the Northern Lights had suddenly appeared and that he had been unable to keep his eyes on the road as a result.

Northern Lights cause drivers to swerve back and forth 
In the other incidence police officers noticed a car driving away from the airport veering back and forth on the road, and then taking an abrupt turn at a junction into the Njarðvík neighbourhood of Keflavík town. Again officers suspected the driver was drunk, but discovered a group of foreign visitors who had been so captivated by the Aurora that they were unable to continue to operate their vehicle in a responsible manner.

The drivers of both cars were advised to either keep their eyes on the road, or to find a safe spot to stop their car so that they could continue to gaze at the sky.

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