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Police searching for traveler who keeps barging into homes, searching for accommodation

By Staff

  • Police Officers in NW Iceland are investigating reports of what could be a very and thoroughly confused foreign traveler. Photo/Fréttablaðið

Police in North Iceland would like to get in touch with a foreign gentleman who has been knocking on the doors of private residences, and in some cases barging uninvited into people's homes, claiming to be searching for accommodation for the night. Officers would like to have a conversation with the man to get an explanation for his behavior, and to educate him on Icelandic customs and the basic concept of private property. According to a statement Police has received numerous calls from people who felt uncomfortable finding a stranger inside their home.

The Police in Northwest Iceland also urges people to call the police immediately if they receive a visit from the foreign traveler in question. 

The official statement, issued yesterday afternoon, clarifies that at present it is not known whether the individual in question is indeed a very confused foreign traveler who can't find his hotel or Airbnb, and has therefore wandered aimlessly around the region knocking on doors and going into homes, or if his intentions are criminal.

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