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Police in S. Iceland rescues two travellers who had gotten stuck on a beach with tide coming in

By Staff

  • Eyrarbakki A small picturesque village in South Iceland. Photo/Vísir

The Police in South Iceland came to the rescue of two hapless travellers who were about to los their rental car to the ocean on Saturday afternoon.

The travellers, two men, had driven their car out onto the beach near the town of Eyrarbakki. The men had driven off-road to get to the beach, and continued on the beach until they got stuck in the sand. With the tide coming in the ocean was just three meters from the vehicle when officers arrived at the scene.

Everything for that perfect photo?
According to the Police in South Iceland the men appeared to have been completely paralyzed by the situation: They had exited the car, but had no idea how to get the car off the beach. A local who witnessed their predicament called the police which ordered a tow truck to the beach to pull the car to safety.

The men told Police they had driven their car onto the beach to get better photographs of the ocean and the view. The local newspaper Morgunblaðið quotes a spokesperson for the Police in South Iceland as saying situations like this one are far more common than one might assume, "it's unbelievable to see what people are willing to do for one photo".

Don't drive off road, ever
Police urges people to stay on the road and never venture off-road. Driving off-road on the beach can be particularly dangerous, as cars can easily get stuck in the coarse wet sand, leaving them exposed when the tide comes in. Remember that rental car insurance in Iceland does not cover water damage.

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