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Plans to build geothermal baths north of Húsavík village, North Iceland, set into motion

By Staff

  • Húsavík is a village in North Iceland also known as the whale-watching capital of Iceland. The town’s most famous landmark is the old wooden church. Photo/Pjetur Sigurðsson

The group Sjóböð ehf has applied for a lot near Húsavíkurhöfði, North Iceland, to build 1000 square metre (10764 square feet) geothermal baths.
Hot saltwater flows from several boreholes located north of Húsavík village. The salt water streaming form the holes, is considered to have amazing health benefits.  

According to the National Broadcasting Service the idea to build geothermal baths in that specific location has been in preparation for some time now. Jón Steindór Árnason, one of Sjóböð’s owners, claims the location is a unique one.

“This is an interesting project and the location is extremely beautiful. The water flowing into the baths is unique and not found in many other places around the country,” he explains. 

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