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Plans to build a hotel and spa in Krýsuvík, Reykjanes peninsula

By Staff

  • Gunnuhver geothermal area Travel company First wants to build a hotel and a spa in the Krýsuvík area. Photo/Vilhelm Gunnarsson

Stressed travellers could soon choose to unwind in warm and cosy geothermal pools with the scenic Krýsuvík fissure zone in Reykjanes peninsula as a backdrop.  

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According to the travel company First has requested permission to construct a hotel and spa near Krýsuvík, located in the middle of the fissure zone on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.

The area is rich with history and natural wonders, including the Gunnuhver’s mud pools that stretch over the southwestern part of the Reykjanes peninsula, and the famous Blue Lagoon. 

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