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Plan for new power plant near Lake Mývatn, North Iceland, being reviewed

By Staff

  • Lake Mývatn is no ordinary lake, according to the chairman of Skútustaðahreppur district council. Photo/Vilhelm Gunnarsson 

According to the National Broadcasting Service, the Icelandic National Planning Agency, Skipulagsstofnun, has resolved to review the existing plan for Bjarnarflagsvirkjun power plant which was to be constructed near Lake Mývatn, North Iceland. The chairman of Skútustaðahreppur district council welcomes the decision.

Skipulagsstofnun approved the existing plan more ten years ago. However, seeing that The National Power Company (Landvirkjun) has yet to put the plan into action, Skipulagsstofnun reserves the right to review its decision, which it has done.

Skipulagsstofnun (a state authority responsible for the administration and implementation of the Planning Act, the Environmental Impact Assessment Act and the Strategic Environmental Assessment Act) felt a need to reassess the environmental impacts Bjarnarflagsvirkjun power plant could have on Lake Mývatn and the neighbouring area.

The chairman of Skútustaðahreppur district council welcomes the decision, saying that Mývatn is no ordinary lake. “We need tread lightly when it comes to these matters. The area is highly sensitive and, therefore, we have to take care when it comes to preparing spatial plans,” he said. 

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