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Photos: Yesterday's Northern Lights were amazing - the night sky over Reykjavík was on fire

By Staff

  • "Brightest Aurora Ever!" Yesterday we saw a spectacular Aurora show over Reykjavík. Some claimed it was the brightest they had ever seen. Photo/Sigurður Valdimar Steinþórsson, Facebook (see below).

Did you miss out on yesterday's Aurora? Don't worry! The forecast for tonight (Thursday), tomorrow (Friday) and Saturday all look really promising. The Icelandic Meteorological Office is forecasting a level 5, "high" activity tonight and tomorrow, and a level 4 "active" Aurora activity on Saturday. With mostly clear skies over West, South West and South Iceland you have at least three nights of prime Aurora viewing ahead of you.

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And if yesterday's Aurora display was any indication of what's to come for the next few days we are in for one amazing show! Even locals, who are used to the Northern Lights were blown away by the intensity and beauty of yesterday's Aurora and Icelandic social media was overflowing yesterday evening as people were sharing photos and videos they had shot from their balconies or backyards in Reykjavík. 

We assembled a small collection of the best photos - keep in mind many of these are just regular people snapping photos on their phone cameras, not trained photographers using state of the art equipment!

First up is the founder and former editor of Iceland Magazine, Jón Kaldal, who said on Twitter he had never seen brighter Northern Lights over the city:


Halldór Sigurðsson caught these lights above his home in Reykjavík:

Sigurður Valdimar Steinþórsson caught these beautiful photos out in the eastern suburbs:





Northen lights and city lights! #canon #canonmarkiv #wow #sweet #aurora #auroraborealis #northenlights #beautiful #beauty #green #stars

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Guðmundur Óli Pálmason shared this view of the Aurora over the suburb of Breiðholt:




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