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Photos of peysufatadagur: College students dance in traditional costumes in downtown Reykjavík

By Staff

  • Dancing in the sun Fourth year students in Verzlunarskólinn took to downtown Reykjavík yesterday to celebrate the annual "peysufatadagur" a tradition students at the school have honoured since 1924. Photo/Visit Reykjavík, Facebook.

Yesterday fourth year students at Verzlunarskólinn high school /junior college took to downtown Reykjavík to celebrate the annual “Peysufatadagur”. Students at the school have honoured the tradition of dressing up and dance on this day since 1924. According to the tradition the girls dress up in traditional Icelandic women’s costumes “peysuföt”, while the boys put on tuxedos or traditional men’s costumes.

Peysufatadagur 2016
Dashing young people After dancing in Ingólfstorg square the students walked to nearby retirement home to greet the residents. Photo/Visit Reykjavík, Facebook

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To make the most of the beautiful weather the teens took to Ingólfstorg square in downtown Reykjavík where they danced to the great delight of onlookers. The photographs, posted to Facebook by Visit Reykjavík and the City of Reykjavík, capture the festive nature of the occasion.

After dancing in downtown Reykjavík the young people headed to the retirement home Grund where they sang and danced for the residents.

Peysufatadagur 2016
Traditional costumes and woolen swaters Dressed up students singing for the residents of Grund retirmenet home. Photo/Dvalarheimilið Grund, Facebook



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