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Photos: No snow yet in the slopes of Reykjavík‘s ski-area Bláfjöll

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  • No snow In a normal year the ski-area in Bláfjöll should be packed with skiers in mid-december. Photo/Vilhelm

The ski-area Bláfjöll, east of Reykjavík in the mountains of Bláfjöll („Blue Mountains“) still has a long way to go before it can be opened up. In a normal year the slopes should be covered with snow and skiers. This year there is virtually now snow to be seen.

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Skiers don't need to despear, though since one of Iceland‘s ski-areas has been opened up, the Tindastóll ski-area in the mountain Tindastóll („Throne of Peaks“) in Skagafjörður fjord in North Iceland. However, the Tindastóll area remains the only area to have opened. Hlíðarfjall, the Akureyri ski-area might also be opened during the Holidays if the slopes of Hlíðarfjall mountain get some additional snow. (see map below for location of ski-areas in Iceland).

Unfortunately skiers in Reykjavík are out of luck. As the photos below show the Bláfjöll ski-area still has a long way to go before the slopes can be opened up to the public. The reason is the unusually high temperature during the fall months. The weather in the first weeks of December has been closer to what could be expected in September in an average year.

According to the local newspaper Fréttablaðið the staff in Bláfjöll are using the time for maintenance of the lifts, fences and slopes. 

Bláfjöll no snow, december 2016

Bláfjöll translates as "Blue mountains" Currently the slopes are more gray and black with some patces of yellow-green. Photo/Vilhelm


Bláfjöll no snow, december 2016
More black than blue The black volcanic rock is is evidence of the volcanic history of Bláfjöll. The mountains are part of the Brennisteinsfjöll system which last erupted in the period 950-1250. Photo/Vilhelm


Bláfjöll no snow, december 2016

No snow The only snow in any of the slopes. Not much to look at. Photo/Vilhelm


Bláfjöll no snow, december 2016

Resting The staff is using the time to maintain the area and the equipment. Photo/Vilhelm



All of the ski-areas in Iceland

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