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Photos: Lindsay Lohan in Iceland to celebrate the marriage of her friends

By Staff

  • Great fun Judging by the Instragram feed of the ceremony and party, which were held in South Iceland, the guests and two grooms seem to have had the time of their lives. Photo/Lindsay Lohan, Instagram.

The US actress Lindsay Lohan came to Iceland over the weekend to celebrate the marriage of her friends Oliver Luckett and Scott Guinn. Judging by the countless photos posted to social media, the marriage and party, which took place at Hotel Borealis by Úlfljótsvatn lake in South Iceland, seems to have been great fun!

According to the local news site Ví Lohan's friends, Luckett and Scott, picked Iceland as the destination for their marriage due to their shared love of Iceland and Icelandic nature. The couple has visited Iceland on numerous occasions. A year ago the couple bought a house in the Reykjavík suburb of Seltjarnarnes. They are also avid collectors of Icelandic modern art.

The ceremony was officieated by the High Preast of Ásatrúarfélagið, the Icelandic Pagan Association.

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The wedding guests posted photos of the event and celebration under the hashtag #SOIceland



What a beautiful day with beautiful people @revilopark #soiceland #grateful #ramadan #blessed 

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Sólin braust út úr skýjunum rétt fyrir athöfn - and the sun came out #SOiceland #goddesses #blessed #wedding #nofilter

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Last nights wedding was this much fun! #SOiceland

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rumors... #soiceland #wedding #fun

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#lindsaylohan #iceland #june #2017 #soiceland

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 Scott Oliver

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