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Photos of Icelandic rivers on the canvas of surfboards from one of the world’s leading premium makers

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  • Impressive The Icelandic Collection by Album Surfboards. Each board is handmade in California.

Aerial photos of Icelandic glacial rivers feature on the canvas of a brand new collection of surfboards from one of the world’s leading makers of premium surfboards.

Album Surfboard was launched in 2001 and has since then been producing innovative, functional, custom designed surfboards, handmade by surfers in California. 

Chris Burkard

Chris Burkard

Album has just introduced “The Icelandic River Collection” featuring three boards with photos captured by world-renowned extreme sports photographer and filmmaker Chris Burkard, who incidentally also happens to be a big Icelandophile.

““I truly believe that Iceland is one of the most beautiful locations in the world. In terms of photography, it really doesn’t have a rival. From volcanic mountain backdrops to the northern lights and perfect surf, it repeatedly blows my mind,” Burkard said in an interview with Iceland Magazine last year.

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The three new 4,500 USD boards are called Thjorsa (Þjórsá), Tungnaá and Hólmsá, each featuring a photo of the respective glacial river, (all located in South Iceland).

“These three photographs a chose represent areas that I have sought out shooting for years,” says Burkard in a video introducing the collection (see below). “They are the places that were actually the hardest to capture and in some of the most unique formations I have seen, whether it was tight glacial breaks that weave together in intricate patterns or these big flood plains, these amazing mixture of colours of segments.”

Burkard has spent much of the last ten years chasing the perfect wave. He first came to Iceland in 2009 but has since then returned more than twenty times. In the autumn of 2015 Burkard guided his friend Justin Bieber around Iceland after the singer had been mesmerized having seen his Iceland photos . 

The Album boards, as presented on the company’s website


Thjorsa (Þjórsá)
Flowing out through the narrow gorges of Iceland's highlands, the Þjórsá (Thjorsa) is Iceland's longest river. The milky and vibrant texture captured by Chris comes from the Hofsjökull glacier as it mixes with colorful sediment along the way.

With sandy hues of brown and beige, the Tungnaá glacial river flows through the southern highlands of Iceland. In this photograph taken from roughly 5000 feet, Chris perfectly captures its other-worldly braided pattern.

Drawing its source from the Mýr­dalsjökull glacier, the Hólmsá river is an infusion of glacial runoff and sediment from the Katla volcano's eruptions. The diagonal composition of matte black on this board accentuates the free-flowing lines and texture.



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