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Photos: ICE-SAR unit on rescue mission in Eastfjords gets rescued by second ICE-SAR company

By Staff

  • Rescuing the Rescuers Members of ICE-SAR company Brimrún in E. Iceland needed help from members of a neighboring unit after their truck tipped over during a rescue mission. Photo/ICE-SAR

No amount of equipment and training can completely eliminate the possibility of accidents, as the ICE-SAR company Brimrún discovered yesterday afternoon. Brimrún, which is the ICE-SAR company of Eskifjörður in the Eastfjords was responding to a request for assistance when one of their mountain trucks rolled over. 

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The incidence should also serve as a reminder that if the most experienced local drivers on especially equipped mountain trucks can run into trouble, inexperienced drivers on regular vehicles should show extreme caution!

Who's going to rescue the rescuers?
Brimrún published photos of the accident on its Facebook page. The narrow road is completely covered with snow. The driver of the truck apparently went too close to the edge of the road, which caused the car to slide to the side and down the steep shoulder, causing the car to tip over. Nobody was hurt in the accident, but the team had to cancel its own rescue mission and request help.

Members of the ICE-SAR company Brimrún from the nearby fjord of Norðfjörður, arrived at the scene to pull the vehicle back on the road.

"We are grateful for all the assistance we got today," a statement from Brimrún reads, adding "And yes, the original rescue mission was also executed successfully."

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