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Photos: First Icelandic cat-café opens its doors to people and cats alike

By Staff

  • Cat Café The latest addition to the growing selection of cafés and bars in Reykjavík. Photo/Kattakaffihúsið

  • Rósalind One of the three cats who live in the cat café. Photo/Kattakaffihúsið

  • Fabio A second of the three cats at the cat café. Photo/Kattakaffihúsið

  • Lilli The last of the three cats who live in the cat café. Lilli means "teensy one". Photo/Kattakaffihúsið

The first feline friendly café of Reykjavík opened to the public yesterday. The café, which is callled Kattakaffihúsið (simply: The Cat Café) is located on Bergastaðastræti street, just a few steps away from Skólavörðustígur street.

Guests at the cat café can choose from a selection of coffee drinks and traditional café pastries, while spending their time in the company of some of the friendliest four legged furballs of Reykjavík.

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In October of last year a regulation which banned pets from cafés, bars and restaurants was changed to allow the establishments to set their own rules with regards to dogs and cats. The café is operated by two friends, Gígja Sara Björnsson and Ragnheiður Birgisdóttir. The cats in the café will be housebroken adult cats in search of a home. 

A cup of coffee with a side order of purring
Gígja and Ragnheiður told the local news site Vísir that the café will work with a local shelter to help find permanent homes for adult cats. Most people who pick up a cat from a shelter choose kittens, leaving some of the older cats without any prospects. Guests at the cat café will always be greeted by three homeless adult cats. People will then have a chance to get to know these cats, hopefully fall in love with them and then adopt them.

Gígja told Vísir that cats also have a very calming effect. "So, if you satisfy your need for a cup of coffee, while you are petting a kitty cat you are more likely to have a wonderful day." 

We at Iceland Magazine couldn't agree more - it's the perfect recipe for a really happy "happy hour"!

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