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Photographer Jeremy Cowart shoots singer Imogen Heap on a cold day in Iceland

By Staff

  • Singer Imogen Heap According to photographer Jeremy Cowart they did "hundreds and hundreds of photos" in Iceland. You can see a few of his favorites on his website and also a behind the scenes video. See below. Photo/Jeremy Cowart

American photographer and artist Jeremy Cowart and English singer-songwriter Imogen Heap took a trip to Iceland last winter to take some photos for her newly released album Sparks. Imogen's 2009 album, Ellipse, was a big success in the USA and earned her two Grammy nominations.

Cowart has taken portraits of many familiar names such as Taylor Swift, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Heidi Klum and Gwyneth Paltrow to name just a few and his work has been published in Rolling Stone, ESPN Magazine, New York Times, Time, Nylon and more.

Cowart has published a behind the scenes video from the photoshoot on his website and also many great photos from the shoot.

"Literally I have always wanted to come to Iceland. It's like a photographer's dream," says Cowart in the video.

On his website he describes the conditions as brutally cold. "I was decked out in 5 layers of REI, weather proof gear and Imogen was wearing one thin layer of clothing the entire time. And I never heard her complain once. That’s insane. Usually I have subjects whining on set if the temperature goes above or below 72 degrees. So kudos to Imogen. She out-toughed us all."

The video is by Bobby Burns.

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