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Photographer Gígja Einarsdóttir captures the strength and grace of the Icelandic horse

By Sara McMahon

  • Talented Photographer Gígja Einarsdóttir’s beautiful images capture the strength, grace, and gentle nature of the Icelandic horse. Photo/Gígja Einarsdóttir

Photographer Gígja Einarsdóttir’s beautiful images of the Icelandic horse have received much attention, locally and internationally. Her photographs capture the strength, grace, and gentle nature of the animals.


Gígja Einarsdóttir has been around horses all her life. She worked as a horse trainer for some years before changing course to study photography. Currently she works as a journalist and photographer for Eiðfaxi, Iceland’s leading equestrian magazine.

What makes Gígja’s photographs so beautiful and exceptional is that she manages to not only capture the horse’s beauty but also its character.
“I suppose being a horse trainer helps. But the job also requires a lot of patience – I’ll often sit out in a field, completely still, for hours on end, waiting for the perfect moment to present itself,” she explains.


Hestar, Gígja Einarsdóttir

Photographing horses requires a lot of patience. Photo/Gigja Einarsdottir


Her father’s beautifully colored horses are among her favorite subjects but she also travels the country in search of new “models.”

“My father’s horses are extraordinarily beautiful! One image of our old mare, Ísold, has traveled far and wide. It was printed on T-shirts for H&M and on linen, and recently, when I was in the US, I saw the photograph, which had been printed on canvas, for sale in Target.”


Hestar, Gígja Einarsdóttir

Gigja Einarsdottir at work.


Gígja’s photographs are especially popular among foreigners who seem fascinated by the small, adorable Icelandic horse. According to Gígja, she gets many inquiries from people abroad who wish to buy her work.

“Most of the people who contact me don’t own horses, so it seems as though the furry little Icelandic horse has charmed the pants off of people all over the world,” she says, punctuating the sentence with a laugh.


Hestar, Gígja Einarsdóttir

Gígja travels the country in search of new 'models'. Photo/Gigja Einarsdottir


Gígja published the photography book Horses of Iceland in 2013. The 144-page book includes a wide range of photographs of horses in their natural environment and is available in four languages: Icelandic, English, German, and Danish. Gígja is currently working on her second book which, according to her, will feature more “artistic” photographs of horses.

“I don’t have a publication date yet. At the moment I’m just slowly but steadily gathering enough photographs for the next book,” she concludes.

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