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Photo, music of the Day: Listen to the music formed by a group of skiers in the Westfjords

By Staff

  • Shadows and skiers The photo, or the song, have taken the internet by storm. Photo/Haukur Sigurðsson

A photograph of skiers in the slopes of Ísafjörður skiing area in Hnífsdalur was transformed into music by a local musician. The unusual merging of photography, sport and music has taken the internet by storm, trending on Reddit and other social media.

The drone photo was taken by local photographer Haukur Sigurðsson. Haukur shared the photo on Facebook, where people immediately noticed that it should be possible to turn the image into music. A local musician, Stefán Freyr played the notes in the photo which Haukur shared on his Facebook page. 

The photo and the music quickly became viral and then really took off on Reddit where numerous other musicians took a stab at interpreting the ski slopes of the Westfjords into music.

Haukur told the local news site Vísir that he welcomed the attention, but hoped it would NOT lead to increased interest in the Westfjords. "I really don't want the crowds. The current level of tourism is fine. The thought of the Westfjords seeing the same numbers of travelers as the South Coast sends shivers down my spine. The charm of the Westfjords is the fact that here you can really feel like you are alone in the world."

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