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Photo of the Day: Don't follow in the footsteps of these travelers!

By Staff

  • In danger at Skógafoss The cliffs are fenced off, but that doesn't stop some people. Hervald Rúnar Gíslason

Iceland has recently been named the most "Instagrammable place in the world": The island is literally packed full of million dollar views, scenic spots and picturesque sights. 

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Which is why there is absolutely no reason to make an extra effort to endanger yourself by venturing off the walking path to get that photo!

A local guide snapped this photo of travelers at Skógafoss waterfall last week. The people had stepped off the walking path, over a fence and then climbed up the small cliff, damaging the vegetation and endangering themselves just to capture almost the exact same photograph they could have caught from the river bank. 

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Hervald Rúnar Gíslason shared the photo on Facebook with the comment that there was "literally a line of people waiting to climb the cliff to capture a photo of Skógafoss":

"Then they pretended not to speak any English when we tried to point out to them that they had crossed into an area which is fenced off."

Please stay on the path
We at Iceland Magazine would like to urge people to stay on the path! Icelandic vegetation is very delicate. The growing season is short, as the cold and wetIcelandic summers last barely two months. A plane ticket to Iceland does not entitle you to leave a trail of destruction! 

The other main reason people should stay on the path is safety: You don't want to spend your dream vacation in Iceland at the Emergency Room! 

Skógafoss waterfall, tourists in danger

Skógafoss waterfall Let's all stay safe, help protect Icelandic nature. Photo/‎Hervald Rúnar Gíslason‎


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