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Photo of the Day: A strange rollover at an unbridged river in the Central Highlands

By Staff

  • How?! The internet has been scratching its head over this photo. Photo/Hannes Lárus Hjálmarsson, Facebook

Driving the mountain roads of the Central Highlands and heaths, and crossing unbridged rivers can be a challenge, and local guides and ICE-SAR volunteers know countless stories about foreign travelers who have managed to get their cars stuck in the unlikeliest of places. Of course everyone realizes that stories of attempts to cross raging rivers in small compact cars and delusionally optimistic attempts to navigate impassable roads are funnier when told after the fact: It's no fun realizing you will actually be paying for the damages out of your pocket. (No rental car insurance covers damages caused by crossing unbridged rivers).

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Of course there are also stories that end well, like the story of the two foreign travelers who decided to take a shortcut in the Westfjords, using Route F-66.

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But every once in a while you come across a story that just defies all logic. Like the photo above. Hannes Lárus Hjálmarsson, a local guide, shared the photo on Facebook. The accident took place where Arnardalsleið, F905 crosses Hvanná river (see below). Nobody was hurt in the accident. 

But you have to admire the these travelers for the achievement. They certainly win today's award for the strangest highland mystery!

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