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The path less travelled: A beautiful winter video from the Westfjords

By Staff

  • A world of few colours The nature does not provide a complicated palette during the winter months. Black, white and blue are the reigning colours, often creating a stunning visual experience. Screenshot from video, see below.

The Westfjords are as far off the beaten track as one can get in Iceland, outside the uninhabited central highlands. Endless fjords and small coves make the area slow to navigate. The ruthless sub-Arctic conditions have driven human population away from the northernmost fjords leaving the Arctic fox to reigning supreme. 

The landscape is truly magnificent, with steep mountains diving into the North Atlantic and small fishing villages nestling at the bottom of the fjords.

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There is plenty to do in the Westfjords, both during summer and winter, as can be seen in the video below. And you can rest sure that you are taking a path less travelled, which is indeed quite precious with Iceland becoming a more popular destination than ever before.

Winter in Westfjords from Visit Westfjords on Vimeo.


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